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Delicious Safari Cuisine

Flatdogs is unique in many ways, one of which is definitely our restaurant! There are no set meals or meal times here - guests can order what they’d like to eat, when they’d like to eat it. Guests are welcome to sit inside under the thatch, at our tables in the courtyard or in the garden area looking out towards the river.

Our Chefs

We have trained all our chefs over the years, working with them to develop a really special bistro-style a la carte menu for Flatdogs. We are aiming for simple dishes, done well. Isolated as we are here, we make just about everything from scratch; our delicious bread which is baked daily, our crispy nachos, the feisty and fiery chilli sauce and the tangy pawpaw chutney. We use locally-grown and -raised produce and we our proud that our food footprint is minimal. We purchase Zambian-grown over anything imported and therefore have the freshest and tastiest food, picked when ripe. The restaurant offers plenty of dishes to suit all palates large and small! We have a dedicated gluten free menu, a dedicated vegan menu and can also cater to most other vagaries and health needs!

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Daily Specials

We try to make our Daily Specials Board a mix of Flatdogs favourites and new recipes our chefs want to try (we are used as guinea pigs first so don’t worry too much!) to keep things interesting. Here are some examples:

Our Garden

Our Chief gardener Edwin is responsible for growing and caring for our Fort Knox of a veggie garden. The garden is surrounded by an eight foot high brick wall with two extra strips of electric fencing around the whole of the top of the fence, necessary since one memorable October when our resident elephant herd, led by the inimitable Mrs Wonky Tusk, managed to push down the eight foot high wall to get to our pawpaw and lettuces! The wall and fence also helps to slow down the baboons and monkeys trying to help themselves to the tomatoes and broccoli. So Edwin has his work cut out for him, but his green fingers give life to our herbs, lettuces, rocket, sorrel, tomatoes, pak choi, spinach, kohlrabi and plenty of chillies so we can continue to keep up with demand for our world famous homemade chilli sauce. Three cheers for Edwin!