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The Luangwa Valley is home to an astonishing diversity of life, including around 100 species of mammals, more than 400 bird species and over 2000 types of plants! Added to this, there’s an amazing density of game, particularly along the riverine strip and our guests often comment that ‘there’s something around every corner!’

The river continually erodes a new course through the soft soil of the Valley floor, leaving behind dambos (ox-bow lagoons) which hold water late into the dry season. These conditions support large quantities of game in a stunning habitat. Where game thrives, predators follow and our guides regularly find lion, leopard, hyaena and other smaller predators such as civet, genet and mongooses. We also enjoy daily sightings of Thornicroft’s Giraffe, a subspecies found only in the Southern end of the Valley, and further North, we can find Cookson’s Wildebeest, another endemic resident found nowhere else in the world.

The bird-life in the Valley is also exceptional, especially during the rainy summer months. But there’s beautiful and interesting birds all through the year, and learning about them is often an unexpected bonus on a guided safari. Take a look through our galleries of images and videos below to see what can be found on a Flatdogs Safari!

Images from the South Luangwa, Zambia

All these photos were taken in the South Luangwa National Park on game drives with Flatdogs Camp!



These short videos give a taster of some of the wildlife in the Luangwa.

Warthogs and their young

Leopard reclaims baboon prize

Elephants bathing

Leopard drinking

Lionness and cubs





A Photographic Blog by local Wildlife Photographer, Edward Selfe.

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