The Camp – Flatdogs’ Philosophy

After so long in tourism in the Luangwa we know that we need to look after the hospitality needs of several different types of traveller. As well as doing our bit for the communities we work with. In the last ten years we have built up a loyal following of international fly-in guests who feel that our accommodation and way of doing things (not to mention the price!), suits them better than the possibly better known ‘luxury’ lodges. Our guests can take their meals when they would like them, they don’t have to eat dinner with a group of strangers, if they’d prefer to talk to their partner or family in their native language, and we have NO gold taps!

Friendly, efficient yet relaxed, excellent well-trained and friendly staff, very knowledgeable guide (ours was Malama), good food, excellent drive vehicles, true wilderness environment and atmosphere – couldn’t ask for more. – KKirti, Melbourne, Australia

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We also understand that we’re all really ‘visitors’ here, so our camp is kept as natural as possible. As a result, large numbers of game find themselves quite at home wandering through the Flatdogs territory! Birdlife is prolific in our riparian woodland habitat – there’s nothing quite like being woken up in your canvas tent by the dawn chorus… The riverfront itself has not been developed in an effort to minimise any disturbance to the ecology, but visitors remain free to sit quietly under shady trees along the riverbank and watch the game go peaceably by.

Safari activities are taken in the same game-viewing areas as other lodges in the Luangwa, and although we are not actually inside the park itself we are as close as it’s possible to be to it! We have decided that we would prefer more people to be able to experience the magic of the Luangwa Valley, so we try to keep prices down and therefore attract a better class of person to enjoy our Safaris!

‘Great staff and facilities and a beautiful location – I can see why it’s got such great reviews!’  –Will Clifton, USA

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We have made Flatdogs the most ‘family friendly’ camp in the Luangwa. This means we have a pool, plenty of space for children and a children’s menu in the restaurant at children’s chow times. Children are not merely tolerated at Flatdogs….. we actually like having them! A nanny/watchman service is also available for when it’s grown ups’ playtime.

For those who enjoy the more sociable aspects of life in the bush, the restaurant offers an á la carte menu of excellent food, while ice-cold beers and a tempting range of cocktails are available at the bar. We also have WiFi, a book swap and a curio shop supporting local artists & artisans. There is a swimming pool to be dipped into when reading becomes too tiring… At Flatdogs we aim to offer a little piece of the true Africa with a few of the more useful inventions of the modern world! But don’t panic – we are blessed with lots of room so if you prefer to listen to the sounds of the wild, you can. Flatdogs is all about the freedom of choice!


What We Ask

Although Flatdogs is recognized as a self-contained empire, we have adopted the Constitution of Zambia as our rule book. Anyone found breaking the laws of Zambia will be expelled from Flatdogs.

Any guest who flouts the guidelines for safety and behaviour within Flatdogs will also be shown the door, as will anyone who has been found breaking the National Park Laws whilst inside the Park. Our purpose is to provide you with a safe and enjoyable environment from which to experience the African bush at close quarters. Those who feel they know how to handle this without our help and expertise are invited to book elsewhere and suffer the consequences.

All pets must be kept on a leash at all times. Management accepts no responsibility for guests’ pets becoming part of the food chain or unwittingly acting as a bait.

Now that cell phone reception has arrived in the Luangwa (of all places!), we request that guests take a 4 hour break from the modern world whilst on safari and keep your phones/devices on silent on all game-viewing activities. Besides being desperately annoying to other guests, who knows how your ring tone will affect that elephant peacefully feeding next to the vehicle?

The things which really set you apart from everywhere else we’ve been are your EXCELLENT guides and safari vehicles, diverse and delicious a la carte menu and overall helpfulness and friendliness of the entire staff. We really felt welcome and at home from the beginning. ‘   –Alicia Romanowski, USA and Lusaka

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