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What Else? – Getting Here


Emirates fly every day of the week from Dubai to Lusaka.

Kenya Airways fly to Lusaka regularly via Nairobi.

Ethiopian Airways fly to Lusaka regularly via Addis Ababa

South African Airways fly daily from Johannesburg to Lusaka (and everyone flies to Johannesburg!!)



There are daily flights from Lusaka and Livingstone to Mfuwe with Proflight Zambia. Please contact Jess for up-to-date information on schedules, availability, last-minute specials and to make your flight bookings as she is a booking agent for the airline. Once you get to Mfuwe, we can arrange airport transfers from the airport to Flatdogs (about 35 minutes by road).

Full fares are as follows but cheaper fares are also sometimes to be found!:

  • Lusaka to Mfuwe (in either direction) – US$296 pp (about an hour’s flight)
  • Livingstone to Mfuwe (in either direction) – US$466 pp (two 1 hour flights)
  • Livingstone to Lusaka (in either direction) – US$270 pp (about an hour’s flight)

During the “green season” (before May and after October) there are fewer flights but these aim to connect with incoming British Airways, South African Airways and Kenya Airways flights from London, Jo’burg and Nairobi respectively.

Nyassa Air Taxis provide a “seat in charter” rate for flights between Lilongwe and Mfuwe for US$320 pp for a minimum of 2 passengers.

Nyassa Air and Ulendo Air are starting new scheduled services between Lilongwe in Malawi and Mfuwe. There are daily flights in each direction connecting with most major long haul carriers (SA, KQ & ET). Seats cost US$250-$255 per person each way plus airport taxes (see below)


Not included in your Proflight ticket price are domestic airport departure taxes (unless you/we booked your tickets after March 1st 2013). For domestic flights, tax is US$11 per person payable in Zambian kwacha only. Most international airlines now include international departure tax in their ticket cost, but Zambezi Airlines is one exception. International departure tax is $25 per person, payable in US dollars, cash only. Out of Lilongwe to Mfuwe, international departure tax is US$30 per person, payable in US dollars cash only.


By road Lusaka to Chipata will take you 6-7 hours, Chipata to Flatdogs from 2 1/2 to 3 hrs. Please do not drive at night in Zambia, it is very unsafe due to the high proportion of vehicles and bicycles with no lights, aimless unfenced animals and drunks sleeping it off on the warm tarmac!


From Lusaka, take the Great East Road to Chipata. You can get fuel in Petauke and Chipata on the way. Best to fill up before you head here, as fuel here in Mfuwe is much more expensive due to the monopoly BP has here.

From Chipata:

  1. Turn left to Mfuwe just before Fast Wheels motor parts (on your right). There is a new KOBIL filling station on the corner of the junction . If you go into the town of Chipata, then you’ll need to head back along the Great East Road heading west (back towards Lusaka), then turn right 200m after Fast Wheels, at the KOBIL filling station.
  2. Continue on the tarmac for 67 km.
  3. Turn left at the sharp corner (to stay on the tar) where it looks as though the road continues straight on; in fact the straight on road takes you to Luambe, and is a dirt road (soon to be tar!!!!). Continue on this tar for 17 km until you cross a small bridge. There are a couple of blind sharp corners on this road, so take it easy where you can’t see what’s ahead of you as some of the NGO vehicles and cotton trucks take the road at about 100 km/hr with no sense of self preservation!
  4. Carry on straight for about 30 km along the tar until you get to a T-Junction.
  5. At the T- junction turn right onto the tar road opposite the Zesco (electricity) sub-station. Please drive slowly past schools and bicycles. If you see some green branches lying in the road, this either means that there is a vehicle with a breakdown or that there is a funeral in progress. If it is the latter, please go dead slow in first gear (you will notice that even cyclists dismount) until you come to more branches. Proceed on tarmac for approx 25 km and you will pass a fuel station on your left and a sign for the South Luangwa Conservation Society on your right. Continue straight on past the left hand turn with lots of sign posts and then go a further 1.5km and you will see our entrance ramp on your LEFT with a sign to Flatdogs. Please engage a low gear and drive down the ramp very slowly, then follow the road for another 750 m and you will arrive at reception. Be aware that you might meet wildlife on any of the roads, so please drive slowly.

Flatdogs Camp is the closest camp to the Mfuwe main gate. Our access road starts just before the park gate and we are five minutes drive from there. Please drive very slowly into and out of the camp; animals have the right of way!

If you are coming to Flatdogs via public transport, please email us for the latest information.


Most nationalities can buy visas at the border of entry into Zambia. The cost for most foreign nationals (including UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and most European countries) is US$50 per person.

If you are unsure of whether your nationality is able to buy a visa on entry then please contact us and we will let you know.