Community & Conservation

– the key to sustainable tourism

Our Mission Statement: “To achieve success through providing good value, high quality safari experiences to our guests, thereby improving the well-being of the local communities, whilst minimizing the impact to the environment on which the future of our business and the local people rely.”

See our carbon neutral certificate for 2018 here

As our mission statement suggests, we aim to be a ‘green’, socially responsible business. When making decisions, we try to balance the responsibilities that we have to our business, to the local community and to the environment. And now we are a carbon neutral operator — on of the first in Zambia


Flatdogs is very active with the local community, conservation and environmental projects. Our community work is mostly directed through Project Luangwa, a charity set up by a number of lodges in the Valley to administer their community activities, focusing mostly on education and small businesses. Our environmental and conservation projects are varied in scale and content; some are based here in camp, and some span the whole Valley. See above our carbon neutral certificate and below links to Conservation South Luangwa among others



The largest environmental initiative that we support is Conservation South Luangwa. We also pay the salaries of Community Forest Guards working for the Community Resource Board and one teacher in a local school. We fundraise from generous donations from our guests, from corporate sponsorship and from the Luangwa Conservation and Community Fund (a portion of your final bill is set aside and goes straight to Conservation and Community Projects).

We’ve divided our projects into 5 groups to help us identify which areas are well supported, and which areas need more help.

Schools & Education

See the support we provide to the education sector in our District

Business and Infrastructure

The development of local businesses and infrastructure in the area

Agriculture and Local Produce

How we are helping local people to not only provide for themselves, but provide for us as well

Community & Social

Take a look at what we are doing to ensure the locals benefit from tourism

Conservation & Environment

See how we are protecting what matters